Reproached [verb]

Definition of Reproached:

find fault with

Synonyms of Reproached:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reproached:

Sentence/Example of Reproached:

Apparently Major Deane reproached the two chiefs for their conduct.

With the consequences of my neglect I now reproached myself in vain.

I reproached her about them when I met her again twenty-five years later.

But I reproached myself bitterly for having worried the poor man.

Often have I reproached myself for a coldness I could not overcome.

Nobody questioned or reproached him, or seemed to have much curiosity about him.

It reproached his own idleness and it deprived him of her company.

"And you professed to be telling me everything interesting," he reproached her.

That is false; he reproached me with nothing, for there was nothing to reproach.

He reproached himself for the death of the girl as for a crime in which he had participated.