Lesson [noun]

Definition of Lesson:

information taught

Synonyms of Lesson:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lesson:

Sentence/Example of Lesson:

Thirty minutes after my lesson began, I was turned loose with my Pennsylvania map, my van full of supplies, and the traps.

This result would be an extraordinary lesson in how life really can adapt to all available niches within an environment.

The TikTok “sale” is turning out to be an object lesson in what you get when governments broker tech deals.

The lesson of 2020 has been that brands need to tighten up every aspect of their e-commerce operation.

They gave her piano lessons but they couldn’t afford a piano, so Carlos’ father drew piano keys on a piece of paper so she could practice.

Throughout the lesson, the students engage in group discussions.

The Maine camps may offer lessons for schools on how to limit spread of the virus.

On the heels of announcing a major partnership with Banana Republic, Fortune recently spoke with CEO and cofounder Kim-Parker to learn more about her business, the lessons learned, the hurdles overcome, and plans for the next year.

The second—and this is a lesson that we keep repeating—consent as a legal tool is very much broken, and it’s definitely broken in the context of biometric data.

And, as many of these DTC startups are still young, unprofitable ventures, there aren’t as many lessons to glean from how they say, expanded into new markets or successfully gained market share over a competitor.