Study [noun]

Definition of Study:

learning, analysis

Opposite/Antonyms of Study:

Sentence/Example of Study:

“It is not well that youth should study over long,” said the old man.

I like to be stirred by emotion, I suppose, and I like to study character.

"Nice place to study in, sir," said Thompson, as we walked along.

Do you suppose there's a chance for me to live at Harlowe House and study?

But the evils regarding the hours of study and the nature of the studies were as bad.

But for this change of study he might not have become the greatest of Chancellors of the Exchequer.

We must study our parents' opinions in the main, but not in points of detail.

Why should I not study lessons in the school-house for my young mistresses?

The moment she entered his study behind him he turned and took her in his arms.

You have never taken to study, else, as you know, I would have sent you to Oxford.