Debate [noun]

Definition of Debate:

discussion of issues; consideration

Synonyms of Debate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debate:

Sentence/Example of Debate:

I haven’t been doing mock debates very much, but I’ve been just making sure that I understand all that he has said and hasn’t said.

Something that involved public debate and public contribution.

All the while the debate about whether or not you need E-A-T for ranking rages on.

From my view at least, there hasn’t been much of a public debate about it, which reflects the way Italy has handled the pandemic from the start.

There’s still debate as to whether such policies conflict with the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty.

It’s an interesting product that proves that the inevitable debate between physical offices and remote teams is not a binary problem.

The company is now installing a deployable sun shield called VisorSat on all its satellites moving forward, but there’s some debate among scientists as to whether this is really an effective solution.

Also key are the outcome of any debates, and the Democrats’ stance on protests.

On the 13th of February the Stamp Act bill was introduced and read for the first time, without debate.

The Cuban debts and the future of the Philippines were really the knotty points in the entire debate.