Polemic [adjective]

Definition of Polemic:


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Sentence/Example of Polemic:

It is in the dialogue form he often adopted for polemic writing.

It is not so much in the polemic or in the scholar we are interested, as in the man.

But he possessed other accomplishments beside those of the polemic.

My agnosticism was bitter in those days, bitter and polemic.

That is to say, hypotheses are admissible in polemic, but not in the sphere of dogmatism.

I have not included letters that are wholly technical or polemic.

Nevertheless, his story of Brigham Youngs life is not a polemic.

It is, however, more of a polemic than an historical contribution.

He was abler in attack than in defense—like most polemic authors.

He was the vivifying critic of his time, and his whole life was a polemic.