Touchy [adjective]

Definition of Touchy:

easily offended

Opposite/Antonyms of Touchy:

Sentence/Example of Touchy:

These Cape Codders are self-respecting and touchy, you know.

Besides, he's a touchy person, and my husband is most tenacious regarding him.

I have taken pains with the dialogue, and made it as sharp and touchy as I could.

Tim often said he would be a soldier when he came to be a man, and was touchy on the point.

For goodness' sake, don't take to gettin' touchy like some people are!

No small stint I had of it too; for he was peevish and touchy as a young badger.

I'm not touchy, goodness knows, but afterall a name's a piece of property.

Mr. Brown took to his bed in the lodge, and Mr. Traill was touchy in his temper.

"People are so touchy on these occasions," said his majesty.

He was huffy in a moment; I never knew a man so touchy about an aunt.