Jumpy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jumpy:

She had seemed pale and jumpy and morose, and had scarcely spoken a word during the whole of our walk.

Both Mrs. Crane and Julie tried to soothe him, but he was jumpy and his mouth twitched spasmodically.

Just at first they are very jumpy, and then there comes a time when they learn to enjoy life while they have it.

Then frequently she heels over to a very jumpy angle, as if a squall had struck her.

I married Mrs. B. then, an' she gets a bit jumpy now and again.

Little Billy was all right again but he was now a timid youngster and inclined to be jumpy at sight of a smartly trotting horse.

One of the most disconcerting effects upon the screen is a jumpy panoramic movement either horizontally or up and down.

He was a little difficult to ride, rather jumpy at times, otherwise his pace was a shuffling trot.

He watched its jumpy flight into a distant copse of young pines, then went on swiftly.

We also took advantage of every possible means to make Fritz's sentries jumpy.