Fidgety [adjective]

Definition of Fidgety:

restlessly moving

Synonyms of Fidgety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fidgety:

Sentence/Example of Fidgety:

When the short-skirted, gossamer clad nymphs made their appearance on the stage they became restless and fidgety.

People began to get fidgety, and started petitioning their representatives in government to Do Something.

I was so fidgety that time I sent on Camilla Harper's letter to you, though it wasn't anything like as important.'

Kulman became anxious and fidgety, especially when, looking down the stairs, he saw some Turks in the hall.

Then, too, there was not so much likelihood of his getting the clothes off, should he get restless or fidgety.

There were ever so many tableaux after that—Captain Cavendish, impatient and fidgety, wondered if they would ever end.

But the good lady's habitual complacency was plainly in abeyance, her customary volubility replaced by a fidgety reserve.

I wish I were not an anxious, fidgety wretch, and could sit down content with dirt and disorder.

Men about home all day are fidgety, grumpy, and interfering—altogether objectionable, in short.

At the door of my lodgings I was confronted by Banks, red with indignation and fidgety from uneasiness.