Restless [adjective]

Definition of Restless:

not content; moving about

Opposite/Antonyms of Restless:

Sentence/Example of Restless:

Meanwhile, Halbert Davis had passed an uncomfortable and restless night.

Weary and restless with vain waiting, they looked from the doorway at the weather.

She thought of Prissie's face, dark and restless, never clear, never still.

If he left the room she was restless, unhappy till he came back.

Many of his restless compatriots also sought these favoured shores.

True, there were hot days and restless nights, weary feet, and now and then a heartache.

"The dead are restless tonight," said Simba, poking the fire.

For a while she was silent, but her eyes and clasping fingers were restless and showed her agitation.

Ever since that terrible eruption Vesuvius has been restless.

The sound of Hetty's restless steps, in the hall outside, had ceased for some time.