Hurried [adjective]

Definition of Hurried:

quick, rushed

Synonyms of Hurried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurried:

Sentence/Example of Hurried:

Hoosier hurried on board the boat, and followed Dick's instructions to the letter.

At Felipe's cry, the women waiting in the hall hurried in, wailing aloud as their first glance showed them all was over.

A small contingent of the members hurried off to applaud the successful comic opera of the hour.

How long he lay there he did not know, but he opened his eyes when from the outside he heard hurried footsteps.

He hurried to the Hotel d'Ettres; but the scenes of careless gaiety he saw there, seemed only to chafe his mind.

But he could not bear the reflection, and with fevered impatience, he hurried through the business of the morning.

After breakfast I hurried off to the station, where I met the others, everybody being in the highest spirits.

He turned and hurried away to one of the far cottages, where Mademoiselle Reisz was shuffling away.

Felipe had leaped out of the carriage, and after a few words with the old Capitan, had hurried with him into his house.

Mary, apparently much relieved, hurried away with her message.