Headlong [adjective]

Definition of Headlong:

dangerous, reckless

Synonyms of Headlong:

Opposite/Antonyms of Headlong:

Sentence/Example of Headlong:

With that information in hand, the headlong race toward a vaccine began.

Nearly all the mutineers swung round and galloped headlong for the landward boundary of the paddy field.

And they that call this people blessed, shall cause them to err: and they that are called blessed, shall be thrown down, headlong.

He did not stop until he dashed headlong into a thicket, far away to the right of their line of march.

A man throws up his arms and tumbles headlong, but those that live dash on.

Our prisoner's was perhaps the most startling name which could have been pronounced among those high-blooded and headlong men.

Dan had fired the same time Lawrence did and his guerrilla pitched headlong.

As always, whenever he had anything to do with motors, his delight grew as their headlong rush increased.

The bandits, running from the bank to their waiting car, tripped headlong over the rope.

Like a flash of lightning the club of Wallace rang and split upon that of the other horseman, who fell headlong to the ground.