Hasty [adjective]

Definition of Hasty:

speedy; without much thought

Opposite/Antonyms of Hasty:

Sentence/Example of Hasty:

This is, of course, possible, but it cannot be more than speculation; the final Dunciad does show evidence of hasty revision.

And saying a hasty good afternoon, he popped through his doorway and vanished at Billy Woodchuck's feet.

Gilbert's "O shame, father," and Mrs. Rushmere's "God bless the dear child," following her hasty retreat.

Stunned by the reception they received, those who had not been killed or wounded beat a hasty retreat.

Sir Ralph, Mr. Findlay (who was helping us) and I, had our hasty lunch together.

We snatched a hasty morsel or two, and then hurried on, in order to complete the second half of the road before sunset.

If your neighbor seems disposed to shorten the time by conversing, do not be too hasty in checking him.

But we may not pause long to tell the story of even Winchester Cathedral in this hasty record of a motor flight through Britain.

Such is the picture of the hasty embarkation, given by some of the attendants on the royal family.

And this seemed likely, for Violet began to cough gently while the rest ate a hasty supper.