Lingering [adjective]

Definition of Lingering:


Opposite/Antonyms of Lingering:

Sentence/Example of Lingering:

There’s one more moment in this section I want to linger on before we move on to Part 3.

At a car lot, three salesmen were lingering by the showroom door, and one had his mask below his nose.

His death sparked protests nationwide over systemic racism and its lingering effects in American society, in places ranging from courtrooms to classrooms.

Simply stated, we’re going to run out of money if we linger any longer in bankruptcy.

As of Wednesday, occupancy around the inauguration lingered just below 6 percent, a reality that she called “somewhat alarming” for her industry.

The BloombergNEF analysts said the effects of the economic disruption would linger through 2021 and emissions in the coming year could still be 5 percent lower than 2019 emissions.

If not, one cup of coffee or a strong gin and tonic can linger for life.

The study also only looked at the spread of aerosolized particles that can linger in the air and not at the spread of the larger viral-laden droplets that fall to the ground more quickly.

The campus resumed in-person classes about a week later as the caseload continued to fluctuate and concerns over the school’s handling of the virus lingered.

She also was able to attack her Republican challenger, Scott Taylor, over a lingering 2018 scandal.