Recurrent [adjective]

Definition of Recurrent:


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Sentence/Example of Recurrent:

She was dismayed to find that temptation was a recurrent thing.

The cry of corruption is a recurrent note in the history of democracies.

Can science find no check upon these recurrent forms of disease?

Alone, the thought of him was recurrent, no matter how resolutely she cast it forth.

When it is caused by agents in the blood, it may be intermittent or recurrent.

It is not a deadly fever, but it is recurrent and weakening.

It was a steady, recurrent noise, a buzzing, monotonous click.

Local invasion in force is essentially continuous or recurrent.

It was in my first of twenty-eight years of recurrent canvassing.

A recurrent smile beamed on his face when hearing and observing her.