Stubborn [adjective]

Definition of Stubborn:

obstinate, unyielding

Opposite/Antonyms of Stubborn:

Sentence/Example of Stubborn:

Will you go down, and humble that stubborn spirit of yours to your mamma?

You cannot conceive in your mind how stubborn and brainless they are.

There was no least relaxation in the stubborn lines of his face.

And yet, when all has been said, we are confronted with a mournful but stubborn fact.

It is undoubtedly better to deceive him entirely, and since he will be stubborn he must be tricked.

"A stubborn rebel, this boy," said the teacher, now losing his temper.

Stubborn as the brute was, I thought I should in time break him in.

Hagar shifted her blanket and thrust out a stubborn under lip.

Just because he's too stubborn to do anything with it at all!

Or is it, simply, that I have never succeeded in meeting a woman of stubborn character?