Untoward [adjective]

Definition of Untoward:


Opposite/Antonyms of Untoward:

Sentence/Example of Untoward:

He would not have been a Briton if these untoward combinations of events had not made him surly.

It would take only an untoward word, a false movement, to start a massacre.

He thought not at all of the untoward fortune that had placed him where he stood.

Had she been commissioned to tell him of some untoward event?

Truly it is untoward, but I wish, my dear aunt, you would not let it trouble you so much.

The question was how to guarantee themselves from that untoward eventuality?

Let us state that no untoward event disturbed this family meeting.

He seems to know that some unsettling and untoward event is on the way.

Are you not afraid some untoward event will defeat your honest intentions?

I love to remember how swiftly Daphne Street took on an air of the untoward.