Luckless [adjective]

Definition of Luckless:


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Sentence/Example of Luckless:

Would it have been restored, had the luckless speculator himself remained?

Hard was the struggle & therein waxed Hakon luckless; men fought from the prows and sterns, as the custom was in those times.

The luckless orphan, anxious to avoid the terrible doom that was threatening him, rushed away in an opposite direction.

A ladder was quickly procured, and the luckless orphan very shortly found himself a prisoner.

Suddenly the mule, we know not from what cause, bolted from underneath, leaving the luckless orphan suspended.

They found one squad toasting on their rammers the pieces of a luckless rabbit they had cornered in a patch of briars.

Eight years had passed away since the tragedy that brought the little village of Beechfield into luckless notoriety.

Friday was the luckless day of my own failure and broken heart.

Off to the right came the answering crash as it caved in the armor of another of the luckless whippets.

But the driver twisted levers with a quick jerk, and the luckless riflemen found themselves facing four streams of steel.