Doomed [adjective]

Definition of Doomed:

condemned, hopeless

Opposite/Antonyms of Doomed:

Sentence/Example of Doomed:

Unsurprisingly, despite the overall doom and gloom, some industries, which fit in this transformed layout really well, actually skyrocketed.

With a deadly, highly contagious face cancer tearing through devil populations, forecasts over the past decade or so spelled imminent doom for the iconic marsupial.

Combine the pandemic with more than a quarter of a million dead, high unemployment, a health care system in crisis and a recession, and you’d presumably have a formula for entrepreneurial doom.

Look to other social media sites you’ve ignoredWhile Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious doom scrolling culprits, all of this goes for other sites and social networks, so you may also want to rethink how you use those platforms.

Yet the drink managed to retain some passionate devotees, even as rumors of its impending doom circulated on and off over the years.

“The British Raj is doomed,” she muttered, lowering her voice, and bringing her magnificent eyes close to his.

The poor woman forced back her tears in order to smile upon the unfortunate son whom she knew to be doomed.

I believe we thought so; and I know that Ennis, who was thus doomed to a further period of single blessedness, thought the same.

But in all this, we were doomed to disappointment, sad, sad disappointment.

Louis the Goon Engel was a mere walk-on in the piece, a spear-carrier doomed to death.