Convicted [verb]

Definition of Convicted:

find guilty

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Sentence/Example of Convicted:

A joint investigation by Voice of San Diego and news outlets across the country found that more than 80 officers convicted of crimes in California are still on the job.

Montgomery was convicted in 2007 of strangling a woman who was eight months pregnant and kidnapping the baby, who survived the attack.

The measure allows officials to be removed if they’re convicted of a felony, or if they fail to fulfill their duties as an elected official.

“If this measure had been in place at the time, I’m not sure how the board would have handled the situation, but currently he has not been convicted of a felony nor is he failing to fulfill his duties as a board member,” Evans wrote.

If convicted, the defendants each face at least 10 years in prison.

Payne also joins Marable in concluding that the hit was carried out not by two members of the Harlem mosque, who were convicted and went to prison for two decades each, but by three members of a “goon squad” from the Newark mosque.

Another bill signed by Northam would change Virginia’s sentencing laws to allow judges, rather than a jury, to sentence someone convicted in a jury trial.

Unfortunately, many Americans who have been convicted of a felony will miss that call.

Nicholas’ mother and stepfather, Marcella and Bob Leach, became prominent advocates for victims’ rights, as well as harsher sentences for convicted felons.

Another bill awaiting action would allow defendants convicted in a jury trial to be sentenced by a judge.