Predestined [verb]

Definition of Predestined:


Opposite/Antonyms of Predestined:


Sentence/Example of Predestined:

Now it did seem that Langdon had come into his own—that he had found his predestined master.

He that is to be saved will be saved, and he that is predestined to be damned will be damned.

Really, our predestined paths are badly tangled, just now; aren't they?

The life that was within him knew that it was the one way out, the way he was predestined to tread.

The logic of the revolution has worked to its predestined conclusion.

But to him it was one of the little ways of his predestined mate, old age.

It was like predestined welcome, a confirming of his hardihood.

But it was poor Tomassov's lot to be the predestined victim.

It seemed to me that I had always known him, that we were predestined for each other.

Foreordained and predestined to be at the crucial point at the critical moment!