Future [adjective]

Definition of Future:

to come; expected

Opposite/Antonyms of Future:



Sentence/Example of Future:

The destruction caused by a pandemic helps to clear the way for a future resurgence.

It seems counterintuitive because education is the best way to protect ourselves from future crises.

The competition is expected to remain neck-and-neck for the foreseeable future.

Last fall, though, as the previous round of fires ravaged California, his phone began to ring, with private-equity investors and bankers all looking for his read on the state’s future.

Espina said Moreno would face future persecution if she were to return to her country.

We’re just shifting all of our resources to that and still trying to create a future of growth for the restaurants.

According to multiple outlets, Oracle is the “winning bidder” for a deal with TikTok owner ByteDance, regarding the future of the increasingly popular short-video network.

They made an early decision to focus on future vision of the club and not as much on my climbing résumé.

Planning and forecasting are good for brands and will play a key role again in the future.

It’s also promised to keep short-term rates at zero for the foreseeable future and tolerate above-target inflation, while urging the government not to ease up on fiscal stimulus.