Planned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Planned:

To all who hated Church and King, and planned their overthrow.

So she planned her battle, ignorant that she had lost already.

Talimeco was a White Town; how should I know that she planned killing in it.

He had planned this sudden accusation with subtle forethought.

It was he who had planned the conquest of Corsica, and annexed it to France.

We had planned a trip to the Knob the next day, and were to camp out for the night.

“So this instructive crime was planned abroad,” Mr Vladimir said quickly.

We planned as soon as night fell to go to our homes; but it was not to be.

They were men who had studied Greek history and Greek art and they planned to excavate Olympia.

Even the route they were to take was planned, so that I could not miss them if I started.