Destined [adjective]

Definition of Destined:

bound for, fated in near future

Opposite/Antonyms of Destined:

Sentence/Example of Destined:

Railroads are reckless Radicals and are destined by turns to make and to mar the fortunes of many great emporiums.

From pre-natal days I was destined for the railway service, as an oyster to its shell.

Emigration is now proceeding with gigantic strides, and is destined for some time to continue.

The agitation for Tenant-Right in Ireland is destined to fail—in fact, has virtually failed already.

The Indian apparently did not realize at this early date that his was an inferior race destined to be supplanted.

His work is destined to exert considerable influence upon the art.

The French school, however, does not appear to be destined to exercise any great influence upon the art in this country.

There could never be anything friendly, anything possessing, in a land destined for a race of primeval giants.

My wish was destined to be fulfilled today, as my road lay between a burning forest and a burning rost.

The book seems destined to live longer than any written by the author to date, because it is so sane and so fundamentally true.