Closed [adjective]

Definition of Closed:

shut, out of service

Synonyms of Closed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Closed:

Sentence/Example of Closed:

Doing business with so many different people is messy, and can’t always be boxed up neatly into a closed-system, automated process.

That kind of closed-door session, where a head of the Civil Rights Division is secretly speaking about enforcement with partisan state officials, is unprecedented.

Every few hours I found at least 10 traps with closed doors, and what followed was a crash course in mammal diversity.

Two of the country’s biggest markets, New York and Los Angeles, remain closed.

Choose between four different reclines—closed, half-closed, split back, and fully opened—that allow you to easily shift between snoozing and socializing time.

He told them that he intended to meet with her at a coffee shop at the hotel, but that the shop was closed.

Bars must remain closed, but bar service will be available for those dining at tables, he said, and restaurants must close at midnight.

China is a member too and rallies other illiberal states, like Russia, to advocate for its own closed vision.

In 2011, lawmakers drew maps largely behind closed doors without researchers present — resulting in a decade of lawsuits, he says.

It comes with five different closed-cell-foam massage heads that are firm but forgiving.