Fastened [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fastened:

I then removed the pads from the hinge and fastened them in place using the supplied screws.

In-ear models sport a design akin to earplugs and are the most lightweight and compact option, while around-ear models utilize some type of fastening design to secure themselves to the outer edge of the user’s ear.

The included detachable strap allows you to securely fasten the speaker to backpacks, tote bags, bikes, and more, and the speaker’s small three-inch diameter keeps it well out of the way and doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your belongings.

Blocks can also be fastened together to accommodate different party sizes.

A more comfortable solution for wearing a fixed-blade knife along with a backpack may be to fasten the knife to the pack using a Kydex sheath.

Aristide replaced the baby, and with a complicated arrangement of string fastened it securely to the seat.

One child between three and four was convulsed at the sight of his baby bib fastened round the neck of his bearded sire.

Her eye fastened on a circular portion of the wall-paper pattern, and she felt that the whole room was revolving about her.

Some of the soldiers secured the porter from creating an alarm; and the rest filling the hall, fastened the door.

The rein was fastened to a piece of split rattan drawn through the animal's nose.