Predetermined [adjective]

Definition of Predetermined:

decided in advance

Synonyms of Predetermined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predetermined:

Sentence/Example of Predetermined:

But no given transformation can be proved to be necessary (predetermined).

They made swift, careful inspections of predetermined points.

But we were off our predetermined course, with a side-drift toward the enemy.

It was predetermined by the decrees of heaven that you were not to take me with you in your flight.

The trial was a farce, because it had been predetermined that Brousson should die.

Of course, the evolution of the organic world cannot be predetermined as a whole.

A better reason was, I had predetermined not to give him a single sou.

On occasion this, also, will have been predetermined by the higher commander.

Rick glanced at his watch, then banked around on the predetermined course.

It is only a name for the predetermined movement from the acorn to the oak tree.