Calculated [adjective]

Definition of Calculated:

figured by mathematical calculation

Synonyms of Calculated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calculated:


Sentence/Example of Calculated:

Men's probable actions are calculated by the law of reason; but their performance is usually the result of caprice.

So far from this, his ready mind already calculated how she might be a gainer by the arrangement.

In short, the news was exactly of that checkered order which was calculated to put us all in the highest spirits.

The thrust was nervous and ill-calculated, and the next instant the skiff had blundered under the bows of the launch.

Although the gratuity has been frequently calculated in anticipation, you fail in making the mutual reminiscences agreeable.

For this purpose there are, unfortunately, but few works which are well calculated to serve the needs of the beginner.

He calculated as closely as he could the number that passed, and concluded there must be about four hundred in the band.

Have you personally measured the diameter of the earth, observed the transit of Venus, or calculated the distance of the moon?

Nor was Mr. Bumbles gloom the only thing calculated to awaken a pleasing melancholy in the bosom of a spectator.

Always select words calculated to convey an exact impression of your meaning.