Agreed [verb]

Definition of Agreed:

be in unison, assent with another

Opposite/Antonyms of Agreed:

Sentence/Example of Agreed:

He thought so, at least, as he laughed and agreed with her, saying Tony was an unscrupulous rascal at the best of times.

And he quite agreed with old Mr. Crow, who had come hurrying up to see what was going on.

Most of the feathered folk agreed that Mr. Blackbird ought not to have spokenp.

He told her he would probably spend the next day in bed for a thorough rest, and she agreed that that would be a very good idea.

The Lieutenant rode off highly elated over the fact that Colonel Guitar agreed with his views.

At last the accumulated horrors shook even his firm spirit, and on June 4th a capitulation was agreed on.

So an armistice was agreed to on June 26, and representatives of both sides met to discuss terms.

Boundary line between New York and Massachusetts agreed upon.

The others being all agreed, Tom consented, with becoming modesty, to take the post of honour and of danger.

"Agreed," said Allcraft, almost before the wily Planner finished.