Differ [verb]

Definition of Differ:

be dissimilar, distinct

Opposite/Antonyms of Differ:

Sentence/Example of Differ:

Keep in mind, though, that rating parameters may differ from brand to brand.

Aside from whether Wanda herself is trustworthy, you know you can’t leave room for misunderstanding or differing interpretation with her.

Still, technologies differ in what they can do and what their possible impacts will be.

Those guidelines are thoughtful, she says, but the technologies differ in what they’re capable of, and in their possible ethical repurcussions.

I’m open to having a conversation as long as it’s respectful and the values where we differ aren’t extreme.

The models might be slightly thicker than refillable options, but they don’t differ too much in overall size, so they’ll still fit nicely in pockets or gloves.

Dehn used his new measurement to prove that the regular tetrahedron is not scissors congruent to a cube since their Dehn invariants differ.

Having responsive images will ensure that your images will work well on devices with widely differing screen sizes.

A unity of purpose, however, is achievable, even if the nation inevitably differs on how to fulfill that purpose.

Dominion asked each company to keep posts from slightly differing lists of people.