Contrast [noun]

Definition of Contrast:


Opposite/Antonyms of Contrast:

Sentence/Example of Contrast:

By contrast, no song from SSA has ever hit the 300 million mark.

Inhibited children, in contrast, avoided chances to make friends in new situations and to stand out academically or socially in school.

By contrast, the “deoptimized” coronavirus has several hundred genetic changes.

In contrast, Biden did not travel Tuesday to South Florida, where there are signs he is struggling with the Cuban American community.

By contrast, our death rate is roughly 58 per 100,000 Americans, more than five times Germany’s per capita toll.

By contrast, institutional traders typically buy options that can be exercised over several months or more.

By contrast, people who had just moved were in the process of creating a new operating manual.

Other studies, in contrast, have found that having good iron levels and avoiding illness are crucial to getting good results from an altitude camp.

Secondly, in contrast to the case of ethics and logic, there are many strong emotional motivations for wanting certain moral claims to be true regardless of whether they are.

In late February, by contrast, fewer than 55% of Americans felt that we were headed the wrong way.