Diversity [noun]

Definition of Diversity:

variety, difference

Synonyms of Diversity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diversity:

Sentence/Example of Diversity:

At a time when other companies are only just initiating racial equality programs, McDonald’s has long understood and embraced the importance of diversity.

Our Most Powerful Women community, now two decades old, has helped increase diversity in the top ranks of business leaders.

That’s why he has been prioritizing this work and internal diversity and inclusion efforts at Lowe’s since he began his tenure there in 2018.

While agencies have learned lessons from previous diversity drives, they still have a lot to learn.

I asked Lorson if she plans to consider diversity of racial backgrounds in the hiring process.

Those of us working in AI ethics will do more harm than good if we allow the field’s lack of geographic diversity to define our own efforts.

The 2019 TechCrunch Include Report — TechCrunch is reporting our 2019 events and staff diversity numbers, the fourth report since we started tracking.

It is in this climate that TechCrunch is reporting our 2019 events and staff diversity numbers – the fourth such report since we started tracking – which you can see below.

Small businesses create diversity and competition in the market, which is good for consumers and helps spur innovation.

This moment is an opportunity for investors to examine diversity, equality, and inclusion at a portfolio level, and to understand their role in promoting change.