Divergence [noun]

Definition of Divergence:

branching out; difference

Opposite/Antonyms of Divergence:

Sentence/Example of Divergence:

This divergence has provoked some economists to argue the Gini should be put back in its bottle, while others defend its continued use.

It’s another indicator of the divergence in how the downturn has been experienced in the country.

Key physical and cultural milestones in modern human evolution, including genetic divergence of ethnic groups.

The divergence came to a head quickly, during the overhaul of NAFTA, which Lighthizer conducted at warp speed for a trade agreement.

Of course, there is also divergence in moral views, and it’s a challenge for any believer in objective value to explain this.

Yet the divergence of these Nonjurors from the National Church was, after all, far more apparent than real.

The reason for this apparent divergence between the provisions of the statute and the facts of the case is given by Burnet.

Every one who spoke had studied the data and the ground and there was no divergence of view, which was a comfort.

This ceremony was common to all; but here divergence set in.

Yet there are "many traces of apparent anachronism," of divergence from the more antique picture of life.