Otherness [noun]

Definition of Otherness:

conflict, disagreement

Synonyms of Otherness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Otherness:

Sentence/Example of Otherness:

Then not by reason of otherness is the one other than the not-one, or the not-one other than the one.

Two cardinal facts lie ever at the base of thought: Unity and Variety—oneness and otherness.

It does not pass over into otherness; it remains, steadfast, and abiding in itself.

He brought them the odor of foreign travel, the flavor of city, the "otherness" that everybody craves.

Nature then appears in her true light; all otherness is removed and we are one with her.

This otherness is due to the existence of combination and disintegration in the sphere of the manifested.

But that is because He offers the most intelligible approach to that very "otherness" in the person of the godhead.

It is the "otherness," not the sameness, which makes Him desirable and potent in the daily round of life.

Matter is not identical with otherness itself, but with that part of otherness which is opposed to real beings, and to reasons.

If this thing be only other, it is not such by itself, it is so only by otherness, as a thing that is identical by identity.