Contrariety [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contrariety:

Concerning the disease, there was great contrariety of opinion among medical men.

But it isn't particularly reasonable to talk of the contrariety of fate if they both get hit.

The same contrariety in his members seemed to exist throughout the whole man.

And yet the extensive contrariety between the old and the new is admitted.

With that unerring instinct of contrariety that never seemed to forsake him, Borrow proceeded to learn, not law but Welsh.

This contrariety of humours betwixt my father and my uncle, was the source of many a fraternal squabble.

To speak backwards, write backwards, read backwards, is but the a b c of their contrariety.

Is it to be presumed that even Socrates chose Xantippe for her remarkable contrariety to himself?

The cause was attributed to contrarietie of winds; but the contrariety of wils was the truest impediment.

The apparent contrariety of their qualities and structure perhaps led to this.