Dissimilarity [noun]

Definition of Dissimilarity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Dissimilarity:

Sentence/Example of Dissimilarity:

From one point of view the features of dissimilarity among his friends are more interesting than those of resemblance.

What first struck us very forcibly was the variety and evident dissimilarity of the several parts.

The total dissimilarity in language shows the Tarascos to have been a people entirely distinct from the Mexicans.

At the period of their early matrimonial connection, no dissimilarity in point of religious principle existed.

The two appear to have been excellent friends, perhaps because of the dissimilarity of their natures.

The dissimilarity between the Western and the Far Eastern attitude of mind has in it something beyond the effect of environment.

Frances shrunk from her new lover; for a difference of thirty years in their ages was the least point of their dissimilarity.

It would be heart-rending to see you so thrown away;—such a total dissimilarity of character can never produce happiness.

Grant and his father appear to have agreed remarkably, notwithstanding their dissimilarity of tastes on the subject of tanning.

But their temperament and their ideas are dissimilar, and every day adds to this dissimilarity.