Severance [noun]

Definition of Severance:


Opposite/Antonyms of Severance:

Sentence/Example of Severance:

Mr. Severance was a man of many rare and sterling attractions.

The year 1776 marks Brackenridge's severance from teaching work.

She no doubt felt the severance that was taking place and became very sad.

But the severance of her connection with Quinault Dufresne wounded her to her heart.

Alford, Dean, on the severance of the Church from the State, 7.

What is still-closing but still-piecing, the silent reunion after severance?

All this notion of severance, therefore, was somewhat sentimental.

Only here was not alone a struggle but a mystery, and the knot admitted of no severance.

He was rudely disillusioned as to the possibility of this severance.

Was this little note a severance of her present from her old life?