Separating [verb]

Definition of Separating:

remove something from group; keep or set apart

Synonyms of Separating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Separating:

Sentence/Example of Separating:

You had some object of your own to serve in separating her from Maltravers.

In the case of divorce there will then be no difficulty in separating the two properties.

His busy fingers had been separating the wires in the amputated neck.

What are the means of separating the genuine from the counterfeit?

But there was still the crushing and separating machinery to be seen.

He also describes a machine for separating the seed from the fibre or lint.

"I tink I shall try," she said, separating herself in her wrath from her friend.

Dehiscent: open or standing open: separating toward the tip.

The mode of separating pittacal has not been clearly described.

Then they separated, or rather, were on the eve of separating.