Intersect [verb]

Definition of Intersect:

cut across; cross at a point

Synonyms of Intersect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intersect:

Sentence/Example of Intersect:

Look for tangentially related topics to your business, where the search volumes might not be as high, but the topic still intersects with your audience and can bring relevant visitors.

What they really wanted to know was whether every rotation of the Möbius strip intersects the original copy.

In four-dimensional space, it is possible to embed the Klein bottle so that it doesn’t intersect itself.

In 2015 that discrimination intersected with a rapidly spreading disease, during the Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak.

It was surrounded by walls made of large tufa blocks, while being intersected by two main streets.

They are for the most part straight, and intersect each other at approximate right angles.

(e) No part of the counter shall intersect a triangle or the produced perpendicular thereof shown on p. 186.

On the higher ridges which intersect the coast at short distances from the sea, the potatoe grows wild.

They resemble "two circles joined together so as to intersect one another slightly," or "a long oval pinched in at the middle."

It is only where rivers intersect the plain that oases of luxuriant vegetation are formed.