Converge [verb]

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Over the past five to 10 years, converging trends … have driven investors to hard assets such as mineral resources.

The pace of infections in the country is now converging with those of neighboring Denmark and Norway, where governments are telling citizens to use face masks for the first time.

One final reason for why voters converge on a couple of players each year may be that voters have more information on the candidates than ever before.

Even here, converging exponential technologies are paving the way for massive implications in both human health and industry shifts.

Through A360, I provide my members with context and clarity about how converging exponential technologies will transform every industry.

That allows the computer to quickly converge on the correct solution without needing to check each possibility individually.

The elements of the latter are conscious of themselves as belonging together, because their interests converge at one point.

Two tall Zulus were stalking along a path which should converge with ours a little way ahead.

It may also happen that the patient does not converge sufficiently, merely because accommodation is absent.

Rays may diverge, that is, spread out; converge, or point toward each other; or they may be parallel with each other.