Mingle [verb]

Definition of Mingle:

physically join

Synonyms of Mingle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mingle:

Sentence/Example of Mingle:

He did not mingle with it, but remained aloof, always himself, and was even feared by it.

He must mingle sometimes with others, that he may be always with her!

He had also a trick to mingle his commodity, that that which was bad might go off with the least mistrust.

If he could but see her and mingle his tears with hers he would be content.

Must mingle other atoms with those before they stabilize in our plane.

So naturally does Plato mingle jest and earnest, truth and opinion in the same work.

She could not mingle with the rush and waited until the flurry was over.

Now sun and moon begin to mingle: waning and waxing splendors.

He 'll talk of him too; he 'll be led on to let him mingle with our daily themes.

They did not mingle much or long with the social life of Buffalo.