Mix [verb]

Definition of Mix:

combine, join

Synonyms of Mix:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mix:

Sentence/Example of Mix:

Separate the egg, beat the yolk, and mix it with the potato.

This will mix all the food and distribute the moisture equally.

Mix the sugar, cocoa, and salt and moisten with some of the milk.

Mix the cream and salt with the cheese and shape into balls.

Add the seasonings, mix thoroughly, and stuff into the bird.

Mix the sugar and flour and stir them into the boiling water.

Mix and sift the dry ingredients and stir these into the mixture.

Having skimmed the gravy, mix some thin melted butter with it.

Mix the whole together, and pound it to a paste in a marble mortar.

Mix all together, and moisten it with a quart of Madeira, and a pint of brandy.