Infiltrate [verb]

Definition of Infiltrate:

creep in

Synonyms of Infiltrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infiltrate:


Sentence/Example of Infiltrate:

If it were his command hed have a sentry up there, watching for troops trying to infiltrate into the command area.

Was there any time when your organization drew up a list of organizations, of other organizations, that it wanted to infiltrate?

We had planned to infiltrate these various rightwing organizations.

To what extent were you able to infiltrate, as you call it, General Walker's group?

How did you infiltrate the Young Americans for Freedom, and what led you to believe you had been successful?

Yet you stated earlier that it was your intention to infiltrate these organizations.

Was this business interest to be these organizations which you were going to infiltrate and whose treasuries you might capture?

In addition to its tendency to infiltrate adjacent tissues and organs, cancer is also liable to give rise to secondary growths.

And Russ Latterman, and maybe four or five Conservative goons he's managed to infiltrate into the store.

If the frontal sinus is opened, air may infiltrate the scalp.