Incorporate [verb]

Definition of Incorporate:

include, combine

Synonyms of Incorporate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incorporate:

Sentence/Example of Incorporate:

“We really believe in the importance of living an active lifestyle, so we’re not ready to share it yet, but we’re going to be doing something very large incorporating fitness into Fabletics,” Goldenberg said.

Online learning platforms are seeing a boom, and technology in general is being incorporated in unprecedented ways, which is actually helping to broaden the reach of educators in some regions of the world.

Finally, we complete the ensemble by incorporating weighted polls when available to produce our final prediction.

Councilman Mark Kersey, who ultimately voted yes, proposed three amendments that were incorporated into the ordinance.

As YouTube is a part of Google, you can also increase your website’s authority on the search engine by incorporating the same.

As I’ve been reading, that’s for the rest of your life kind of stuff that you have to incorporate and continue to analyze and to re-remember and refocus on.

With these costs in mind, the report looks at the subsidies and taxes facing the industry, to find out if any of these costs are incorporated.

The early plan does not explicitly prioritize people based on race, but incorporates several measures to would help accomplish that result indirectly.

Like Schmidt, he concludes that they modeled the spirit world, or the cosmic realm of the dead, incorporated spaces that are sunk into the ground, with human remains often under the floor.

López-Alt suggests doing this vigorously, to help incorporate air into the mixture.