Imbibe [verb]

Definition of Imbibe:

drink, often heavily

Synonyms of Imbibe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbibe:



Sentence/Example of Imbibe:

Nothing was more natural than that two such women should imbibe the deepest tenderness for each other.

The peasants imbibe a little noisy merriment at the tavern, but their helpmates always have grave, stern countenances.

M. de Voltaire, say they, never could imbibe these Sentiments in France.

It may be truly said, with regard to those who imbibe the spirit of their Master, "no man liveth to himself."

Animal miasmata, like all other poison, become more active in proportion to the quantity which we imbibe.

Ice will not imbibe this air, and therefore freezing expels it from water.

Sea-sand is excluded from the mortar employed, on account of its tendency to imbibe and exude moisture.

Mix these well together, and turn the whole three or four times, that it may thoroughly imbibe the air.

To read such books is a moral contagion—it is to imbibe poison—it is certain spiritual death.

"I imbibe nourishment in my room," he replied, in a voice that closed the conversation and almost repented of the umbrella.