Guzzle [verb]

Definition of Guzzle:

drink down fast

Synonyms of Guzzle:

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Sentence/Example of Guzzle:

Here they guzzle their whiskey and make an uproar, while the people of the house sit in a corner.

After which he paused to sigh, and leaped up to cheer and sat down again to—guzzle!

You may guzzle wine here, but you'll want a drop of water to cool your tongues hereafter!

If you think you can stay out half the night, and guzzle beer, and then come here to get me up, you can think again.

Howsomever, I strained 'em down, till an old woman would have sworn I had the high-strikes, with a knot o' wind in my guzzle.

I'm to go on deck and steer while you two sit and guzzle, and I'm to go by nickname, and got to call you "sir" and "mister."

There was only one drunken surly fellow that refused; this was Dick Guzzle, the smith.

I really think some sailors would guzzle kerosene out of a whisky bottle.

They were loaded with ale-kegs, and old Zogar stopped to guzzle before he got across the river.

The next thing was luncheon, as elegant folk have it; or a proper old guzzle, according to Peter.