Carouse [verb]

Definition of Carouse:

make merry, often with liquor

Synonyms of Carouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carouse:

Sentence/Example of Carouse:

I was an Innkeeper, who loved to carouse; J was a Joiner, and built up a house.

Next evening when preparation began, Pietrie and Graham got everything ready for the carouse in their classroom.

Yet what a scene for a carouse, what an incredible vice, was this that the poor man had chosen!

Some of them had held a drunken carouse at their rendezvous at Heavy Tree.

Like vikings, we await The grim, ungarlanded carouse We keep to-night with Fate.

There was a carouse that night in the cabin of the Happy Delivery, at which three men drank deep.

He would not drink nor carouse with these ungodly actors, nor would he be with me, even at prayers.

One night in February there was quite a carouse at Mrs. MacBrides.

Here the blacks had held a grand carouse after the massacre under the palm trees.

You must spare us one more carouse for old friendship's sake, my boy, just to try what it is like again, and hear all the news.