Frolic [noun]

Definition of Frolic:

amusement, revel

Synonyms of Frolic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frolic:

Sentence/Example of Frolic:

Off they ran, and soon came back with Tom and Ann and their little brother Johnny, all eager for a frolic.

But do not take mine, O frolic fellow Spookist, from the same source; mine is wrong.

We knowed when we seed him comin' dat dar wus gwine ter be a whuppin' frolic 'fore de day wus gone.

Merry, happy children were these three, full of life and health, and always ready for a frolic.

Of the 110 men on the Frolic there were not twenty alive and unhurt, while on the Wasp only five were dead and five wounded.

The hull of the Frolic was full of holes and its masts were so cut away that in a few minutes they both fell.

Well, sire, will you start upon a frolic in the streets to-night, as you did in the days of your youth?

And as the one flag went down and the other went up, the Frolic fired a broadside at the Wasp.

The brandy by this time had mounted to his head and put him in the mood for frolic, liquor oftenest making him gamesome.

By the marauders it was looked upon as a grand frolic, and owners of missing mats and deluged yards might grumble as they pleased.