Joviality [noun]

Definition of Joviality:


Opposite/Antonyms of Joviality:

Sentence/Example of Joviality:

Long Jack was a prominent, but despite his joviality, it seems to me a pathetic figure.

His snowy shirt front gave air of almost reckless joviality to desolate Treasury Bench.

Vital is a man between thirty and forty years of age, with a natural joviality now repressed by ambitious ideas.

To the ancients “holidays” were joy-days, pandemoniums, and the pre-eminent emblem of joviality was the holly tree.

I found him in, and as soon as he learnt my name, he offered me whisky and soda and a cigar with most unparsonical joviality.

Honest Gerval excused it, and was much amused by the joviality of the peddler, which did not seem to please the old man so much.

The item scarcely needed to complete joviality of Squire's appearance and bearing; looks like the best man at a wedding-party.

Even under the joviality of those closest to him he saw the tightened sinews of their jaws.

The barkeep, a pleasant enough fellow, but with none of Art's innate joviality, rang up the dime.

There was a joviality, a laissez-aller in the air of the place, with which soda and brandy seemed quite in harmony.