Gladness [noun]

Definition of Gladness:


Synonyms of Gladness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gladness:

Sentence/Example of Gladness:

The only thing that I’m saying is that those tests came at a time when the world didn’t have any tests, and we were damn glad to get them.

I’m glad to be back with everybody and through those three weeks.

Anyway, I’m glad to be walking through the woods with a purpose.

I was glad that I had looked up the non-emergency number of the police in the city I was visiting before I left on my trip.

Some on the platform praised Brown, expressing how glad they were that he is “one of the good ones.”

Some critics say schools should already be open, especially for the most vulnerable children, while other families say they are glad to stay the course with virtual learning until the health outlook changes markedly.

So while your grandmother doubtlessly treasured your letter, Miss Manners is glad you asked.

We are glad to report that the one positive is asymptomatic and everybody’s healthy.

Moreover, this play about mercenary transactions smoothed by in-person connection — schmoozing, glad-handing, selling out over hors d’oeuvres — may suffer from the lack of in-person presence.

I’m glad you asked about oversight, because I often feel that our clients who hire private investigators could do a better job of investigating their own investigators, so to speak.