Jocularity [noun]

Definition of Jocularity:


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Sentence/Example of Jocularity:

This same frontier jocularity furnishes an explanation for the origin of several of the theories of the derivation of the name.

The dominant "note" sounded in Punch's pages is one of jocularity and good humour.

Well, they never came back to tell, rejoined Jarrold, with grim jocularity.

She could see, under his jocularity, his pride and pleasure in her (as he considered) audacity.

Martin had assumed a marital jocularity on the subject of the Judge.

Ramirez rose with an attempt at jocularity, and pocketed his gains.

"You can't do him very much harm, you know," said the captain with affected jocularity.

His effort might have been a greater success if he had abstained from jocularity, which was not by any means his forte.

In such a condition, misapprehensions were natural; jocularity might be mistaken for sarcasm, and caprice felt as insolence.

Some of the groups are cheerful over their farewells, though the English note of deliberate jocularity is absent.